Monday, August 1, 2011

Better Homes & Gardens Do it Yourself Magazine Feature

What? Really?! I still don't think it has sink into my brain! I can't believe I was part of this amazing, beautiful spread on the latest issue of Do It Yourself magazine. After a long day at work, actually after a long week at work, I came home on Friday, open my mailbox - ready to just throw away a bunch of junk mail but, to my big surprise, the fall issue of DIY mag was there... awaiting for me.
Even after lots of communication with them, I still wasn't sure my cross stitch would actually be featured...yes it was one of those "will not believe it, until I see it" situations. I contained myself from flipping through the pages in the dark by my mailbox and instead walked inside my home, sat calmly on my well lit dinning table and went through every single page patiently until I found me!!! me?! my bunny? really!? amongst all these other amazing pieces of way! Yes, it is my bunny! Wohoo!!! Well, all I remember after that is jumping nonstop for quite a while, laughing and cheering all by myself in the middle of my living room...oh and did I forget to mention freaking out the cats? They seemed a bit confused with my unexpected outburst of joy. I wish I had a picture of their faces and their "ready to run and hide"'d think they're use to my nonsense by now ;)
OK back to the magazine, if you don't subscribe already, I suggest you do! It's an awesome magazine with lots of inspiration and tons of fun DIY projects. Go get the fall issue ;)