Sunday, January 23, 2011

FREE Valentines Cross Stitch Pattern

Here's a little gift for you! I hope to offer a few free patterns a year so keep checking for new ones ;) This pattern can be used as one piece (it would make a great pillow or wall art) or it can me used as separates (great for making a set of tea towels or wall hangings) To download the PDF , click here

Enjoy! xoxo


autistic_hobbit said...

Thanks a lot. I commented you (Natasha) not long ago and suddenly remembered I got Google account too:) so I uploaded my pics there (take a look if you wish).

Charlie said...

Aw that little heart one is so cute! x

Kattuna said...

Thanks!!! :))) glad the little heart got some love back!
Natasha your needlework is amazing!!! thanks for sharing!